The SLAM Stack

Posted in PHP, AngularJS on 29 Feb 2016

The world is changing for web developers. Everyone is talking about the MEAN stack and single page applications. As a PHP developer I was feeling left behind. Many web developers are unwilling to throw away their years of experience in PHP especially with PHP 7 just released.

The way I chose to meet this challenge is to make sure that I was up to speed with the latest improvements and trends in my chosen language and to take the time to learn AngularJS (the A in MEAN). This allows me to offer my clients the latest and greatest in web development, and with the upcoming doubled speed of PHP 7 we have a very modern development stack. This brief tutorial is an introduction to using the Slim Framework for PHP along with AngularJS, MariaDB, and Linux to create single page applications. Slim + Linux + Angular + MariaDB = the SLAM stack.

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