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Posted in ModSpace, Central Valley, Modesto on 27 May 2015

Many business owners in the central valley believe mistakenly that they need to go outside the valley to find experienced technical consultants. They often end up seeking in the Bay Area (where they pay top dollar) or India where there are huge communication barriers. Few realize that there is strong technical talent residing in the valley.

Many who work in the bay area commute from the valley for many reasons: quality of life, lower cost of living, nearness to family, or even dislike of city living. Some of these commuters have decided that they want to work where they live and so we have several former Bay Area workers who now live and consult right here in Modesto.

ModSpace is the place where several of these technical workers have decided to locate their business. The working environment inside the downtown Modesto coworking space is very laid back and comfortable for those who are accustomed to working out of the Bay Area.

So whatever your need for technical expertise is, it is likely that someone at ModSpace has the skillset that your project needs. Contact us today or look at our consultants page for more information.

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