Valley Hackathon Mini Hack

Posted on 01 Jun 2015

Last Saturday eight programmers gathered together at ModSpace to compete in a Valley Hackathon minihack. What is a minihack you may ask, a minihack is a shortened form of a hackathon where contestants develop a software project entirely in the time allotted. Many hackathons span 24 hours some running as long as 72 hours. This minihack ran from 7am to 7pm, with ten hours of programming time.

The results were impressive given the short amount of time spent programming. Projects included a system designed to sense the moisture in soil, ambient light, and other environmental indicators and then respond with messageing as well as the ability to turn on a watering valve. Another project was a plugin for that allowed the users to set their busy or free status for a length of time. A third project was designed to allow Almond Farmers to keep track of their watering schedule by block.

The winning project was built by ModSpace intern Peter Lejeck a student at MJC. His project assists those seeking entry level employment in self assessing soft skills like grooming, being on time, etc. It also allows a manager to adjust the self assessment where needed. Peter won a CODE keyboard for his efforts.

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